Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to Once and Again Anew!
This is the beginning of a journey.  A journey that will, I hope, see ‘us’ transition from being a depressed, overweight and unemployed over achiever to a person who has reclaimed her life.
Let me say, off the top, that I am a completely normal person.  No real dysfunction here, despite what they may say about me!!  I’m coping pretty well with what the world brings me, and I still laugh loudly and heartily and things that strike me, but I also cry when appropriate.

I have lost myself over the past few years – I was once a fit, svelte and happy person who was totally in love with the man that I have lived with for 20+ years.  I found myself in a downward cycle where I let my career take over my life and when things went badly there, they went badly everywhere.

I cheated, I drank too much alcohol, I gained weight and I generally got out of control in more ways that I can count.  It’s time to regain control and this is my documented journey towards that goal.   I’m a very firm believer in one’s ability to renew and regain their lives through commitment and re-examination.

You might not get a do-over, but you can always renew anew!!  I hope you enjoy the ride to Once and Again Anew with me!!


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