Interview Day

Phew!!!!  First interview with Chapters Indigo is now complete!

So, the first stage (well, really the third, because I’ve submitted resumes, cover letters and completed on-line pre-interview surveys to get here) is now in the ‘Completed’ bin.  Second interview may or may not come depending on what they thought of me, but, of course, I can’t go to a Chapters store without making a purchase or two, so no matter how the interview went, I didn’t come home empty handed!!

Got me some Bobbi Brown literature and instruction.  Bobbi has just recently released a new book that focuses on personal style and make-up styles that flatter your personal style, with step-by-step instructions called “Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful” but that’s not the one I bought.  I bought the classic “Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual that has tips for everyone and every style – from a 5-minute minimal face to a make-up artist look for the runway with how-to’s at every turn.  It’s a paperback now, so cheaper and in light of the current state of my employment, that’s the swing vote.

Also bought “Run Like A Girl” by Mina Samuels for a little inspiration on my fitness journey.

Honestly, I can’t believe how ready I am to get back to life.  Seems like I’ve really turned a corner without even realizing that I had.  Sooooo glad.  So ready to Once and Again Renew Anew!!

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