Well, you’re still here!!  Thanks for that, as I’ve neglected you over the past few days….

Big news.  I got the job!!!!  I’m now a seasonal Customer Experience Representative at Chapters Indigo in a local Ottawa-area store.  This is my first foray back into the working world in about 3 years, so should be interesting for me, if not you, the reader.

I’m very happy with having landed this position.  

Anyone interested in learning about Chapters interviews, check here!!   But I think I just wore them down with my chatter, really!  Might not be much help for anyone else.

Only issue I have with this new role for me is the footwear.  I LOVE a classic pointed toe pump in any form!!  Love a leopard, giraffe or ocelot print especially, but a black soft leather stiletto is my classic look, and I love it still!  So the THOUGHT of wearing sensible footwear that will allow me to walk around a store for a number of hours is terrifying for me!!  SENSIBLE FOOTWEAR!?!?!?  Are you kidding me??!!  How does one deal with that??

It has been a whole knew experience for me to examine the world of comfortable footwear.  I’m a classic pointed toe pump kinda gal, and the one comment that a former co-worker made was “no more leopard print heels”!!!!  I did Love my LEOPARD PRINT heels.  Also my Giraffe print heels, and, frankly, any heel!!  But that was when I had a desk job.  Now I have a floor job and I’ll let ya know!!!

This is a first step in the renewal of the Once and Again Anew!!

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