I remember what it’s like to value Friday’s as much as this dude (should we call it a dude?? – I dunno).  Now that I have a CER job (Customer Experience Representative, that is, thank you very much!!) I don’t have Friday’s that mean so much but THIS Friday does.  I have it off the sales floor and am, instead, meeting a good friend for a primarily liquid lunch today so, yes, IT’S FRIDAY, BITCHES!! and I LOVE it!!

(Is that too much yelling for this hour?? I don’t care, really, but thought it polite to ask….)

So I scored me my first paycheque in just shy of a year today.  I’m soooo happy about that, even if it is a decimal point short of where it used to be.  Yes, I was a six figure a year kinda gal who was miserable and was cheating, drinking and ‘acting out’, as they say.  Now I’m a three figure a year kinda gal, who leaves  work every day with a smile on my face, looking forward to going home to the comfort and security that it and the man that lives there with me bring.  I’m very happy to be in a position to re-evaluate and to simplify and again enjoy the life that I had created and had taken so much for granted.  Sometimes really bad things turn out to be really good things.

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