Mondays :/


It’s Monday.  I’m not skipping with joy.  I have the day off of work but, know what?  Even after 3 years of virtual unemployment (save a paycheque and a few short weeks back in the workplace) Mondays still suck whether I work or not.  I think it’s just because it’s Monday and it’s supposed to be a fresh start on the world.  Whatever!!!

Let’s not kid about it.  It just generally sucks when Mondays come around.  And they come around every seven days (WTF!?!).  Yeah, it would suck even more if Monday didn’t come around ’cause we’d probably be dead if that were the case but still, if you’re not one of those people with a terminal disease or who embrace every day as the first day (blah! – though I respect you greatly! 🙂  ), then ….  Mondays generally suck!!  Period.

But, as dedicated readers may know, I had an interview with a company last week ‘about which I am very excited’ (for those who need reasonably correct grammar) or that I’m really, seriously stoked about (for the otherwise grammar’d!).  Still have my fingers crossed on that one.  But as life would have it, I now also have an interview at another employer in the area and I can’t believe my luck!  Two interviews in such a short period, and an actual job!  I’ve been applying for so long and it’s finally paying off!  They (you know, that ‘They’) are always saying that it comes in threes and here ‘they‘ are.  I’m happy for it, I just gotta say.

And that’s kinda all I gotta say today.  Have a good one if you can!!  It’s Monday, after all…

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