I’ve been away for awhile.  I apologize.  Again.

I’ve finished reading “The Drunk Diet” by Luc Carl and it was definitely a good read.  I’ve gained a whole host of inspirational ideas and his writings have inspired me to re-activate my Twitter account (@murfkitten) that I had actually de-activated for a second time.  It’s not that I hadn’t enjoyed the Twitter community, it is that I had enjoyed it too much and was receiving criticism for doing so from those in my life who didn’t understand thSo e absolute need for the Twitter world.

I was contemplating deleting all mention and affect of this blog, as life has raised it’s ugly head and things aren’t working out as they should.  Um, I think that is life, really.  So much for me saying “Suck it up, Buttercup”.  I’m pretty much the Buttercup, myself.

So I’m still here, though clearly neglectful, and still trying to make my peace with the world, my workouts, and the job hunt.  I am continually disappointed on the job front, and I continue to disappoint myself in getting my ass back on the treadmill, but at least I have intention!  Intention is a good thing, really, as it leads one to think you might get there, ultimately!!  And I’m pretty sure I will.  I’m just neglecting it so that my feet are ok for the times I need to work.

I COMPLETELY enjoy my time on the sales floor at the book store.  I love engaging with customers and giving them guidance on book choices that I have enjoyed, as well as having the opportunity to share my enjoyment of food/cookbooks and well being/self-help stuff.  I swear, I’ve done it all!!!  Or at least tried. 🙂

I was soooooo thrilled the other night to hear from my GM that he wants to offer me a part time position at the end of my seasonal contract.  How Great Is That?!?!?  Totally Great!!  I’m thrilled!!  Especially since ‘The Hubby’ has received his lay-off notice and will be out of a job (after 15+ years) as of December 21.  Merry Frickin’ Christmas to us!!!!  So I still don’t have a solid job, and ‘The Hubby’ will now be joining me on the unemployment lines.  Yay!!  What fun!  Good times.  Really

So I get that I’ve been gone awhile, but I hope that you will, after reading where we are right now, understand our predicament.  We are both doing our best to make this world work for what we need.  Who knew that things would go this way.  It just sucks, is all.  Badly!!

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