Note to Self!!

And the good times just keep on coming – NOT!  I think I’ve killed my Blackberry!!  Say it isn’t so!!  Not my beloved Blackberry!!

Blackberry Torch 9810
(Not really me!)

    How ever will I survive?!?!

Why do they tell you to do an upgrade and then the upgrade kills your phone??  Seriously, what fresh hell is this?!  Is it all part of a secret plot to get you to upgrade your phone??  Methinks??  Maybe??

Listen, I’ve taken the battery out.  I’ve plugged it in to the computer.  I’ve done all I know how to do.  I can’t even restore from a backup, since the computer isn’t recognizing that it’s plugged in!!  Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

Sorry….  Just a momentary freak out.  I’m sure it will be fine.  Right?  No, really, right??

Today is the deadline for applying for a job in Nova Scotia.  Wouldn’t a move be a great thing right about now?  A fresh start in a new place that is, which any luck, on the water!!  Would be awesome.  Time to get that resume in!

Working a good long shift at the store today and then looking forward to meeting a good friend for dinner afterwards.  Keeping the expenses as low as possible, though, as retail doesn’t pay for a steak dinner – more like a salad.  A side salad!  No chicken additions, please!

‘Case you were curious, the fifth attempt at a BB upgrade is making progress as we share this time.  Fingers crossed!!


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