Well. That was interesting.

English: Mexican yoyo Français : Yo-yos mexicains.

Another week has come and gone, with a rollercoaster of diet/weight dilemmas to go along with it.  What’s that you say??  That’s life?!  Guess what – you’re right!!

So life and my weigh-ins have been up and down, but the general trajectories are polar opposites, meaning that life is looking up and my weight is going down.  And those are the directions I want them headed, so no complaints!

Yeah, sure, I gained a few pounders back after I had that pizza the other night, but I’m getting back to where I was, quicker than I would have, and gonna break that 10 pound barrier.  I swear I am!!  Yes, I am.

So here’s to a new week to come that I plan on seeing the end of one of the 10’s on my scale and saying “Hello” to a whole new set of 10’s!!

Catchya on the flipside!!

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