Didn’t see that coming!

Today is looking like a very positive day.  I’ve received two emails with job leads and am working my way through some resume/cover letter writing to apply for some new positions.  And the sun is shining and the laundry is underway, and the cats are sleeping contentedly, and, even more importantly, I just paid off my Visa card!!  Yay!!!!  Hadn’t seen that one coming!

HopeAfter about 17 months of underemployment and unemployment, I now qualify for EI payments to supplement the income I receive from my part-time retail job and bring me to a point of near survival.

English: Old Visa logo.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a result of the payment I received this week, I have been able to pay off the Visa card that, while admittedly wasn’t a HUGE amount, was daunting for me on my minimum wage part-time income.  So that beast is now off of my burdens and the world is a hopeful place.  🙂

So it’s on to the next challenge with one less worry.  Now, let’s not all just jump up and dance – I do still have debt, I just don’t have huge interest incurring debt that is sucking the very life blood out of me.

But, what the hell, let’s dance a little anyway, shall we?   Let’s take every chance to dance that we can get, frankly.

dance Yay, Me!!

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