Well, what do I see here??  A 17 pound loss??!!  Pour moi??  Is that, dare I say, Progress?!  Huh.  Who woulda thought that actually having a plan and a goal might pay off?  :p

Full Disclosure – I started something new and completely off of my plan.  I started doing a beginner Zumba video that I found on YouTube and that seems to be helping both in getting me moving and sweating, and also just plain old having fun.  Sure, the instructor is Scandinavian and I can’t understand what she’s saying and, sure the music is primarily in spanish and I can’t understand what they are saying but heck, I can follow along in my living room and it doesn’t cost me a thing.  And it’s fun.  Did I mention that it’s fun??YouTube

Weird coincidence – I followed a car into my work’s parking lot and the license plate had a Zumba reference on it and it got me to thinking – I like to dance, I need to get fit… Hmmmm.  Cut to 45 mins later and that car’s driver is at my cash so I asked her about it.  She gave me a website and a name and, after checking that out and realizing that there would be expenses involved, I figured I’d look on YouTube.  YouTube has everything, after all.

Toning BallAlso a good development – We are having a SALE!!  Lots of Gaiam Yoga stuff on sale at 50% off.  Add that with my employee discount (God, how I love my employee discount) and Voila!  I now own a Gaiam Toning Ball and Workout DVD set for $13.  Yes, $13.  Plan to use it, too.  (Read that I haven’t yet, but I will.  Yes, I will).  And there’s a shortened video for that on YouTube, too!!

Progress, people!!


That’s a smile on my face. Can you see it??!!!



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  1. raincoaster
    Jul 25, 2013 @ 08:20:06

    Didn’t I TELL you they had everything on YouTube? And perfectly legal to download in Canada, too. Now if only I could find Indi Hop there…


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