Let’s Do This!


How about instead of just imagining, let’s DO THIS!  And so a new chapter and new re-start of the journey begins…

One week is already under my loosening belt with 5 lbs down, and I am looking forward to a second week getting back to the run/walk program that has been the base of my fitness routine desires for a while now.

I’m feeling good about this re-start and believe that this will stick.  I plan on it sticking!  It will stick!  It has stuck!!


The Plan:

  • Walk/Run x 3 each week
  • #wycwyc alternating 10 squats/pushups when I visit the loo at the office
  • Drinking 2L of water daily
  • Calorie management targeting 1000 / day
  • No self-flagellation or doubt.  Just do it, because I can do it.  Yes, I can!

(Aside: Can you believe it’s been 26 years since the Just Do It campaign was launched by Nike??  Loved that campaign!)

Today, I slept in so the walk/run will be after work but dinner has been prepped so I’ve no excuses to not get it done as soon as I get home and get lazy.  I’m excited as I type this, and can’t wait ’til 4:30 when I can get home and move into week 2 feeling strong.

Here we go!



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