I remember what it’s like to value Friday’s as much as this dude (should we call it a dude?? – I dunno).  Now that I have a CER job (Customer Experience Representative, that is, thank you very much!!) I don’t have Friday’s that mean so much but THIS Friday does.  I have it off the sales floor and am, instead, meeting a good friend for a primarily liquid lunch today so, yes, IT’S FRIDAY, BITCHES!! and I LOVE it!!

(Is that too much yelling for this hour?? I don’t care, really, but thought it polite to ask….)

So I scored me my first paycheque in just shy of a year today.  I’m soooo happy about that, even if it is a decimal point short of where it used to be.  Yes, I was a six figure a year kinda gal who was miserable and was cheating, drinking and ‘acting out’, as they say.  Now I’m a three figure a year kinda gal, who leaves  work every day with a smile on my face, looking forward to going home to the comfort and security that it and the man that lives there with me bring.  I’m very happy to be in a position to re-evaluate and to simplify and again enjoy the life that I had created and had taken so much for granted.  Sometimes really bad things turn out to be really good things.


Well, you’re still here!!  Thanks for that, as I’ve neglected you over the past few days….

Big news.  I got the job!!!!  I’m now a seasonal Customer Experience Representative at Chapters Indigo in a local Ottawa-area store.  This is my first foray back into the working world in about 3 years, so should be interesting for me, if not you, the reader.

I’m very happy with having landed this position.  

Anyone interested in learning about Chapters interviews, check here!!   But I think I just wore them down with my chatter, really!  Might not be much help for anyone else.

Only issue I have with this new role for me is the footwear.  I LOVE a classic pointed toe pump in any form!!  Love a leopard, giraffe or ocelot print especially, but a black soft leather stiletto is my classic look, and I love it still!  So the THOUGHT of wearing sensible footwear that will allow me to walk around a store for a number of hours is terrifying for me!!  SENSIBLE FOOTWEAR!?!?!?  Are you kidding me??!!  How does one deal with that??

It has been a whole knew experience for me to examine the world of comfortable footwear.  I’m a classic pointed toe pump kinda gal, and the one comment that a former co-worker made was “no more leopard print heels”!!!!  I did Love my LEOPARD PRINT heels.  Also my Giraffe print heels, and, frankly, any heel!!  But that was when I had a desk job.  Now I have a floor job and I’ll let ya know!!!

This is a first step in the renewal of the Once and Again Anew!!

Interview Day

Phew!!!!  First interview with Chapters Indigo is now complete!

So, the first stage (well, really the third, because I’ve submitted resumes, cover letters and completed on-line pre-interview surveys to get here) is now in the ‘Completed’ bin.  Second interview may or may not come depending on what they thought of me, but, of course, I can’t go to a Chapters store without making a purchase or two, so no matter how the interview went, I didn’t come home empty handed!!

Got me some Bobbi Brown literature and instruction.  Bobbi has just recently released a new book that focuses on personal style and make-up styles that flatter your personal style, with step-by-step instructions called “Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful” but that’s not the one I bought.  I bought the classic “Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual that has tips for everyone and every style – from a 5-minute minimal face to a make-up artist look for the runway with how-to’s at every turn.  It’s a paperback now, so cheaper and in light of the current state of my employment, that’s the swing vote.

Also bought “Run Like A Girl” by Mina Samuels for a little inspiration on my fitness journey.

Honestly, I can’t believe how ready I am to get back to life.  Seems like I’ve really turned a corner without even realizing that I had.  Sooooo glad.  So ready to Once and Again Renew Anew!!

Day 2

Day two of the journey and you’re still here!!

Just home from a session with my VERY patient Career Counsellor, who is gently bringing me to a place where I have renewed confidence to pursue new, interesting and challenging career opportunities.  Who knew resumes were so hard work to develop and meant so much??  Achievement-based is, apparently, the way to go now.  News to me, too.  Well, I guess everyone knew, but I’m a tad on the lazy side and would pretty much do anything else but work on my resume!

Clearly the new resume style works, as I now have an interview with Chapters/Indigo and I’ve wanted to work there since I quit my job in November 2011.  Interview is tomorrow, so I’m off to google what I might expect.

Was planning on signing up for Weight Watchers today but have I mentioned that I am lazy??  Didn’t get there, nor did I start my new Run My Butt Off plan from Runner’s World.  But hey, it’s only Day 2 and I have an interview tomorrow!!  Slack, people.  Cut me some!!

So tonight is a walk and an evening prepping for, oh yeah, have I mentioned I have an interview tomorrow??  Just a tad nervous…  Fingers crossed!  Hope yours are too!  Enjoying the journey.  🙂

Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to Once and Again Anew!
This is the beginning of a journey.  A journey that will, I hope, see ‘us’ transition from being a depressed, overweight and unemployed over achiever to a person who has reclaimed her life.
Let me say, off the top, that I am a completely normal person.  No real dysfunction here, despite what they may say about me!!  I’m coping pretty well with what the world brings me, and I still laugh loudly and heartily and things that strike me, but I also cry when appropriate.

I have lost myself over the past few years – I was once a fit, svelte and happy person who was totally in love with the man that I have lived with for 20+ years.  I found myself in a downward cycle where I let my career take over my life and when things went badly there, they went badly everywhere.

I cheated, I drank too much alcohol, I gained weight and I generally got out of control in more ways that I can count.  It’s time to regain control and this is my documented journey towards that goal.   I’m a very firm believer in one’s ability to renew and regain their lives through commitment and re-examination.

You might not get a do-over, but you can always renew anew!!  I hope you enjoy the ride to Once and Again Anew with me!!


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