Pack ‘er up, Baby!

So I’m packing up the past and moving in a positive and healthy direction!  Throwing out a lot of darkness and disappointments, and packing away some very good memories  that I need to get beyond in order to move forward.  They’ve been a great comfort, but have also stalled me, kept me stuck in a rut and in a place that is holding me back from where I want to be.  So it is time that they be carefully packed away for safe keeping until those memories can become warm, comforting memories of the past instead of a roadblock to progress.  Moving on!

And speaking of darkness and disappointments…..

This is our starting point.  Photo is from July, but nothing’s changed since then (the rut, remember??)

New reading

O M G, I’ve found the most amazing Christmas gift for a writer who occasionally experiences blocks (like myself, obv,) or a writer wannabee!!  (Raincoaster – do not read this!!) 
Could not leave the store last evening without purchasing a copy with someone in particular in mind.  Yes, I realize that I am building the suspense to a point where you need to find out of which gift I am speaking,  but if you are raincoaster, go away.  Otherwise, continue to read…
What I have found, on referral from a client, is a journal that is filled has ideas to write about for each day!  It’s awesome!  I bought two!!  642 Things to Write About  It has ideas like this – “You are awakened in bed by the wife of the man you are in bed with – what are you thinking?!” or “You are the new President of the United States.  642 outrageous and witty writing prompts will get the creative juices flowing in no time. What’s on your agenda today?”  Interesting ideas to get the juices flowing, no?  (I’m just hoping that Raincoaster isn’t reading this or he/she/it might know what one of his/her/its Christmas gifts might be…)

(Raincoaster may resume his/her/its reading pleasure…)

Ok, for those of you who signed on to find out about my fitness regime and crap like that, gotta say that I haven’t started yet.  DID get the hubby to get my treadmill back in order so it is ready for me when I decide to get the butt back onto it, but in the meantime, I’m reading books about working out and getting in shape.  Does that count for anything??  Probably not, but for those who might want to know why I’m struggling, perhaps the book I’m currently reading will give you a clue to my workout routine.  It is a book by Luc Carl, called The Drunk Diet.  I think he gets me, really!!  I want to get fit, but am not fully committed to giving up the love of the drink (though in my case, a nice glass of wine, not beer)
So you may understand now why I’ve not really (or actually) begun the fitness segment of my ‘once and again renew anew‘ plan, but I’m still working towards that.  And that means I’m pretty normal, really, so I need you to hang in there with me.  I’m still working through!!  Am growing out my hair, as Luc has done, but am still trying to psych myself up for the first treadmill run.Let’s face it, though, the treadmill is less daunting than the street run, in that there is no uneven terrain and there is (more importantly) no freakin’ cold weather!!  While I love running in the rain, even a cold rain, I don’t love running in the fall transition from lovely warm fall weather to the cold, damp fall/winter weather that we are now in.  Should’a got out there before now, but now I’m working on the treadmill phase.  Once I’m back on the ‘mill, and the winter sets in with all of it’s beauty (and I love running on a summer’s eve) I’ll be fine and get back outside.  Just gotta start inside for now, which sucks.  Since I’m on my feet all day, and I have ‘bad’ feet in the first place, I’m going to restart my running on the low impact treadmill and lose some poundage, before I hit the outside streets and enjoy the Christmas lights and season on outdoor runs.
So stick with me and I’ll stick with you as we face the journey together.  It will all be worth it in the end, and you may learn something (or get some tips anyway) along the journey!!Enjoy!!

Day 2

Day two of the journey and you’re still here!!

Just home from a session with my VERY patient Career Counsellor, who is gently bringing me to a place where I have renewed confidence to pursue new, interesting and challenging career opportunities.  Who knew resumes were so hard work to develop and meant so much??  Achievement-based is, apparently, the way to go now.  News to me, too.  Well, I guess everyone knew, but I’m a tad on the lazy side and would pretty much do anything else but work on my resume!

Clearly the new resume style works, as I now have an interview with Chapters/Indigo and I’ve wanted to work there since I quit my job in November 2011.  Interview is tomorrow, so I’m off to google what I might expect.

Was planning on signing up for Weight Watchers today but have I mentioned that I am lazy??  Didn’t get there, nor did I start my new Run My Butt Off plan from Runner’s World.  But hey, it’s only Day 2 and I have an interview tomorrow!!  Slack, people.  Cut me some!!

So tonight is a walk and an evening prepping for, oh yeah, have I mentioned I have an interview tomorrow??  Just a tad nervous…  Fingers crossed!  Hope yours are too!  Enjoying the journey.  🙂

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