Note to Self

Note to Self:  Do NOT weigh in the morning after wing night!!


That is all.

Project Rebuild: Day ??

I’m gonna say this is Day 17 of Project Rebuild, since I think I mentally kicked off on July 1.  Let’s go with that, anyway.  🙂

Progress, people, progress is being made.  I’m sticking with my workouts and am rebuilding a walk/run base.  Still focusing on the #wycwyc method of doing what I can when I can and not beating myself up for slip-ups.  The calorie monitoring is where I’m slipping up – well mot the monitoring, actually, but the staying within – too many cookies, cakes and candies at the office!!

Today’s challenge is to stay away from the cookies, cakes and candies!!

But, on the upside, it’s nice to have an office these days, even if I have gained 10 lbs since starting there.  🙂  Working is good for my soul and my mental state, that’s for sure.   I can actually say I’m happy and it’s been a long time since that was possible.  Yes, it’s contract work, but it’s work and it’s coming up on one year since I started contract work at this place and that’s amazing and gratifying!

So for those of you keeping track who’ve been with me awhile – be not confused by the tracker on the right.  It actually is up 10, maybe 11, pounds from where it had been.  That’s the cookies and cakes for ya!  We’ll be stopping that now so keep your eyes on that tracker!!  😉


Catching Up

I just finished a long overdue call with a very best friend who lives very far away. It was fabulous. It was like we were in the same room together. We reconnected like we needed to do long before. We’ve missed one another. I’m so glad we had this time.

What it leads me to, is it suspect that I’m not alone. That we all may need to take the time to reconnect with someone with whom we have lost touch. Reconnection with someone who has been a significant part of our lives always provides you with perspective and an opportunity to reflect. Perspective on where you were, and where you may be, and where you may need to go. I enjoyed just such an opportunity tonight.

One might think that it is never good to look back. One might be mistaken. I see the looking back as a chance to learn and grow, and always respect to where I have come.

The joy is in the journey.

Well. That was interesting.

English: Mexican yoyo Français : Yo-yos mexicains.

Another week has come and gone, with a rollercoaster of diet/weight dilemmas to go along with it.  What’s that you say??  That’s life?!  Guess what – you’re right!!

So life and my weigh-ins have been up and down, but the general trajectories are polar opposites, meaning that life is looking up and my weight is going down.  And those are the directions I want them headed, so no complaints!

Yeah, sure, I gained a few pounders back after I had that pizza the other night, but I’m getting back to where I was, quicker than I would have, and gonna break that 10 pound barrier.  I swear I am!!  Yes, I am.

So here’s to a new week to come that I plan on seeing the end of one of the 10’s on my scale and saying “Hello” to a whole new set of 10’s!!

Catchya on the flipside!!

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to one and all!!
My very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!!


Luray Caverns, Virginia

Just a quick update for ya:
So, the next time I casually mention that I’m going to do a BB upgrade, someone please, please tell me to STOP!!!!!   Seriously glad that I have learned the value of a regular backup (appreciative head tip to a longtime friend!)

Over it!  Now on to something new…..  🙂

Have you been to the Luray Caverns in Virginia??
I have to say that this is one of the most amazing places I’ve visited – certainly in terms of caves.  Mind you, being more than a little claustrophobic, I admit that caves are not generally at the top of my ‘Must Do’ list.  But I was strong that day, folks, and the idea of the walls closing in wasn’t as overpowering as it has been in the past.  Let me set the scene – It was a glorious spring day in Virginia.  80+ degrees and we were lounging by the pool with a cold one or two when we decided that the perfect place to be was underground in a cool, dark and damp cave.  Of course!  of course…  makes sense to me….  Um, ‘scuse me – pool sounds good!

But my resistance was clearly lessened by the aforementioned cold one’s and off we went (ps, one of us had not had any ‘cold one’s’) through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley (yes, the one in the John Denver song!!)

to see the Caverns.  Honestly, had I not gone, I would have missed one of the most spectacular sites within a day’s driving distance of my home that I could have imagined.  This is definitely not the Bonnechere Caves, which is certainly much closer to home, but also definitely not the same kinda cave.  Much less claustrophobia-friendly too, though I have made it through.  Once.  Only once.

The Luray Caverns are, in a word, Spectacular.  Like nothing I’ve seen before.  But then, the Shenandoah Valley has it’s own beauty and is definitely worth the drive/visit.  Here is just a sample of the sights you will see if you get the chance to visit this amazing place, deep in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

The caves were originally discovered by some dude out for a walk in the hills who felt a breeze coming up from a quarter-sized hole in the ground.  He dug down and “Bammo!”  He found himself in an amazing cavern that just went on and on in the dark, seemingly without end.  Imagine!!

Titania’s Veil

Over the years that the site has been open to the public, the various and amazing features have been given names that reflect the colours and/or physical features of the formation.  This one is very light in colouring, which reflects the various compounds that make up the feature, so they have named it “Titania’s Veil” ’cause it kinda calls to mind the image of a veil (guess that was obv…sorry.).

Mirror Lake – the ceiling is reflected in the pool below!
Mirror Lake again.  It’s too amazing for one pic!
Just a big huge stelag(something) that I thought looked like
the formations in the Grand Canyon/Arizona.
A HUGE dripping stelactite!!
They call this ‘drapery’ and it’s a pretty accurate description!
There’s actually a path through this beauty!

There is also a wide open space underground where they hold weddings and ping notes off of the various stelactites/stelagmites to play a tune. I have to say, that’s pretty cool.

The paths within the caverns are cobblestone and entirely walkable, though there is a large staircase you initially need to descend and then ascend at the end of a 1.5 mile walk through the caves so be warned!

This place is definitely worth the trip and the walk and time away-from-pool time!  It’s truly an amazing place, and needs to be on anyone’s ‘Must Do’ list.

Hope you get the chance to go and enjoy it as much as we did!!  It’s truly amazing what the world brings us. Namaste.

Note to Self!!

And the good times just keep on coming – NOT!  I think I’ve killed my Blackberry!!  Say it isn’t so!!  Not my beloved Blackberry!!

Blackberry Torch 9810
(Not really me!)

    How ever will I survive?!?!

Why do they tell you to do an upgrade and then the upgrade kills your phone??  Seriously, what fresh hell is this?!  Is it all part of a secret plot to get you to upgrade your phone??  Methinks??  Maybe??

Listen, I’ve taken the battery out.  I’ve plugged it in to the computer.  I’ve done all I know how to do.  I can’t even restore from a backup, since the computer isn’t recognizing that it’s plugged in!!  Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

Sorry….  Just a momentary freak out.  I’m sure it will be fine.  Right?  No, really, right??

Today is the deadline for applying for a job in Nova Scotia.  Wouldn’t a move be a great thing right about now?  A fresh start in a new place that is, which any luck, on the water!!  Would be awesome.  Time to get that resume in!

Working a good long shift at the store today and then looking forward to meeting a good friend for dinner afterwards.  Keeping the expenses as low as possible, though, as retail doesn’t pay for a steak dinner – more like a salad.  A side salad!  No chicken additions, please!

‘Case you were curious, the fifth attempt at a BB upgrade is making progress as we share this time.  Fingers crossed!!


Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to Once and Again Anew!
This is the beginning of a journey.  A journey that will, I hope, see ‘us’ transition from being a depressed, overweight and unemployed over achiever to a person who has reclaimed her life.
Let me say, off the top, that I am a completely normal person.  No real dysfunction here, despite what they may say about me!!  I’m coping pretty well with what the world brings me, and I still laugh loudly and heartily and things that strike me, but I also cry when appropriate.

I have lost myself over the past few years – I was once a fit, svelte and happy person who was totally in love with the man that I have lived with for 20+ years.  I found myself in a downward cycle where I let my career take over my life and when things went badly there, they went badly everywhere.

I cheated, I drank too much alcohol, I gained weight and I generally got out of control in more ways that I can count.  It’s time to regain control and this is my documented journey towards that goal.   I’m a very firm believer in one’s ability to renew and regain their lives through commitment and re-examination.

You might not get a do-over, but you can always renew anew!!  I hope you enjoy the ride to Once and Again Anew with me!!