Well, what do I see here??  A 17 pound loss??!!  Pour moi??  Is that, dare I say, Progress?!  Huh.  Who woulda thought that actually having a plan and a goal might pay off?  :p

Full Disclosure – I started something new and completely off of my plan.  I started doing a beginner Zumba video that I found on YouTube and that seems to be helping both in getting me moving and sweating, and also just plain old having fun.  Sure, the instructor is Scandinavian and I can’t understand what she’s saying and, sure the music is primarily in spanish and I can’t understand what they are saying but heck, I can follow along in my living room and it doesn’t cost me a thing.  And it’s fun.  Did I mention that it’s fun??YouTube

Weird coincidence – I followed a car into my work’s parking lot and the license plate had a Zumba reference on it and it got me to thinking – I like to dance, I need to get fit… Hmmmm.  Cut to 45 mins later and that car’s driver is at my cash so I asked her about it.  She gave me a website and a name and, after checking that out and realizing that there would be expenses involved, I figured I’d look on YouTube.  YouTube has everything, after all.

Toning BallAlso a good development – We are having a SALE!!  Lots of Gaiam Yoga stuff on sale at 50% off.  Add that with my employee discount (God, how I love my employee discount) and Voila!  I now own a Gaiam Toning Ball and Workout DVD set for $13.  Yes, $13.  Plan to use it, too.  (Read that I haven’t yet, but I will.  Yes, I will).  And there’s a shortened video for that on YouTube, too!!

Progress, people!!


That’s a smile on my face. Can you see it??!!!



And Again…

Well, there has been no joy in Mudville on the job-hunt front of late but all is not gloomy.


 I’ve lost some lbs and I do so enjoy when that happens!!  Yeah, I gained some back again, but I’ve lost it now and things are looking up and forward on the weight-loss path if not the job-hunt path.  And now the weightloss tracker at MyFitnessPal is working again, so that’s always encouraging to see the numbers increasing in this case!!

So despite all of my optimism and happy intentions from my last post, motivation has wanned and needs to be re-booted (as does my butt, frankly).  Time to give myself a deadline and target – I think I’ve heard of that before….  I think it’s called a goal??  Yeah, yeah, a Goal, that’s the ticket!!  So let’s do that!!  Hmm…  what’s a good goal??

I know I was VERY excited when I cracked the last 10 pound barrier that had been teasing me for several months, so how about setting my new goal as cracking the 10 pound number that I’m facing now?  Now, don’t get me wrong – that’s not a 10 pound loss, I just mean getting through to the next 10 number on the scale (going from 95 to 87, or 63 to 58, for example – breaking the 10 pound mark).  I think that’s a reasonable goal – I’ll set that for the goal for the next month – getting to and into the next 10 mark!  And the timeline?  Ok, more specific.  How about before the pool party (Yikes!!) in mid-July?  I think that’s gonna work.  Break the 10 by mid-July, Yes!!  (Yeah, I know you want it more specific, and in my head it is I’m just not writing the numbers and dates 🙂 )  At the very least, having written this down and posting it, I’m thinking it will make me somewhat accountable to myself.

So there it is.  A goal and a plan (remember the plan from the last post?  That plan!)  Here goes!

Didn’t see that coming!

Today is looking like a very positive day.  I’ve received two emails with job leads and am working my way through some resume/cover letter writing to apply for some new positions.  And the sun is shining and the laundry is underway, and the cats are sleeping contentedly, and, even more importantly, I just paid off my Visa card!!  Yay!!!!  Hadn’t seen that one coming!

HopeAfter about 17 months of underemployment and unemployment, I now qualify for EI payments to supplement the income I receive from my part-time retail job and bring me to a point of near survival.

English: Old Visa logo.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a result of the payment I received this week, I have been able to pay off the Visa card that, while admittedly wasn’t a HUGE amount, was daunting for me on my minimum wage part-time income.  So that beast is now off of my burdens and the world is a hopeful place.  🙂

So it’s on to the next challenge with one less worry.  Now, let’s not all just jump up and dance – I do still have debt, I just don’t have huge interest incurring debt that is sucking the very life blood out of me.

But, what the hell, let’s dance a little anyway, shall we?   Let’s take every chance to dance that we can get, frankly.

dance Yay, Me!!

And again…

And so, while it isn’t Monday, it’s time to get back on track and start again to focus on my health and fitness, and work to bring the future that I imagine closer to the future that I will have.

TomorrowThis came along at just the right time and is now the desktop on my computer so that it reminds me  every time I mindlessly play solitaire and waste my time away, that I need to be making my future happen – and it won’t by sitting on the computer playing solitaire!!

So I’m going back to my plan of eating five times a day, 3 smoothies and two low fat/high fibre snacks, to help kick my metabolism into action.  My previous weight loss has diminished over the past week or so, and the numbers have crept back up on the scale so I’m going to add some cardio and strength training, though I have to watch that the cardio is low impact, since I have shredded my plantar fascia and need to be able to walk at the job.  😦

At the same time that I’m rebuilding and renewing on the health front, I’m redesigning the way I tackle the job hunt and starting to reach out to LinkedIn contacts and ask for help.  You know, they thing “they” say is the “new and only way to find a job these days.  It’s pretty much a full time job looking for a job – a job that will be fulfilling, challenging and rewarding, not just a job.

So lots of renewal going on here.  I hope you keep renewing every day, as well.  Make sure what you are doing today is getting you closer to your tomorrow!

Enjoying the sun


I’ve seen the future and, honey, let me tell ya, it isn’t pretty.

I recently visited a dear friend who has some significant health issues.  She is a diabetic, significantly overweight and has great difficulty walking and climbing stairs.  And if I don’t do something about my own weight, that will be my future.  It isn’t a future that I want for myself – a future of discomfort, of needles and of heavy – emotionally and physically.

Jillian MichaelsI went to the Jillian Michaels “Maximize Your Life” evening just before seeing my friend.  While I liked the show, I didn’t LOVE it to be honest with you, but she is right – the choice is mine to make as to what I want my future to hold.  Do I want a future of pain and the inability to walk or do I want a future of lightness, activity, full engagement and health.  Gee, let me think about it…

Do I want this….


or Do I want this…

Enjoying the sun

So, it’s time to get back to The Body Reset Diet and start forcing myself onto my own aching feet to get myself more fit and physically active and back to life!!  Heading towards the life that I want and away from the life that could be.

I’ve spent enough time here on the chair thinking about getting back to life.  It’s time to start doing it and stop wasting precious time.  And on that note…  Enjoy!!

Week 1 Done

Well, that wasn’t so bad!  Week 1 of The Body Reset is now in the can and I have to say, I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it very much, actually.  The smoothies were flavourful and very filling.  I wasn’t hungry, though by Day 4 I admit that I was looking for some food but mainly because I just wanted more solid food than the snacks prescribed in the program.  And when I did that, I didn’t lose weight.  No surprise there!

Overall, I lost about 6 pounds over the span of the 5 days of smoothies (with that slip on Day 4).  I’m going to continue with the program for the coming week and see where I wind up.  Nothing to lose but weight, after all.  🙂

On the big picture, I’m down about 16 pounds from where I started at an all-time high weight.  I have cracked a 10 pound barrier that had been dogging me for some time, and I’m now, thanks to The Body Reset and some renewed motivation,  energy and spirit, am heading on down through the next 10 pound goal.  Feeling good and ready to renew!  Let’s go!!

Here we go!!

So I’m seeing some success on the weight loss journey this time around.  I’ve finally (FINALLY!!!!) broken through a 10 pound barrier that had been dogging me for months.  Tracking and logging my intake and exercise seems to be working for me this time around.  And using the MyFitnessPal site is easy and right up my techie alley.  🙂

Never one to settle for what’s working well already, I’ve decided to take on a new food program that looks promising.  Well, it’s making promises anyway…



Today sees Day 1 of Harley Pasternak’s The Body Reset Diet.

The program promises to kick-start your weight loss with 5 days of health-packed smoothies and snacks that will see the pounds falling off to keep you motivated to continue with the plan after the first 5 days.

I’ve had the white and red smoothies so far today and, I must say, Yummy!  And I’m sure not hungry though The Hubby looks a little sad – hey, it was his choice!!  Looking forward to the green smoothie for supper (spinach in a blender!!).

So I’m feeling positive.  Feeling upbeat and feeling that there’s hope for me yet.  I’ll keep you posted on the smoothies and our progress.  😀

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